function getRow()

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Subject:function getRow()
Summary:return array, where key fields is field names
Author:Uldis Nelsons
Date:2011-09-15 13:41:22

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Uldis Nelsons - 2011-09-15 13:41:22
function getRow($recnum) {
$memoeot = chr(26).chr(26);
$rawrow = substr($this->_raw,$recnum*$this->_rowsize+$this->_hdrsize,$this->_rowsize);
$rowrecs = array();
if (ord($rawrow[0])==42) {
return false; //Record is deleted...
for ($i=0; $i<$this->dbf_num_field; $i++) {
if ($this->dbf_names[$i]['type']!='M') {
} else {
$memobeg=$col*512; //Find start of the memo block (0=header so it works)
$memoend=strpos($this->_memos,$memoeot,$memobeg); //Find the end of the memo
return $rowrecs;


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