SubClass of Debug.php: DebugCLI

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Subject:SubClass of Debug.php: DebugCLI
Summary:SubClass of Debug.php: DebugCLI
Author:Rudy D'Cat
Date:2005-08-30 11:33:16

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Picture of Rudy D'Cat Rudy D'Cat - 2005-08-30 11:33:16
Hi Vernet,

I created a subclass of Debug that I call DebugCLI that supports command-line
PHP the same way that Debug.php supports web pages.

To do so I had to use the Template Method design pattern and refactor many of
your in-line HTML formatting code into methods that the subclass could
override. The same for "class DebugLineCLI extends DebugLine".

Let me know if you're interested in picking-up this code.

BTW - I had thought that I had read where debugging selectivity could be
controlled down to the file level. I don't think I saw where this was
implemented. I had expected to see code similar to that appearing in Log4J.
Please direct me to the implementation code.

My userId is "rudyphp12345".



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