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Subject:editing header html
Summary:php warning while customizing the class
Date:2005-09-23 17:57:48

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dexter - 2005-09-23 17:57:48
I've tryied your class and I must say it works great.

one issue I've found is that if you need to integrate in login form into a website template you get a phpwarning due to a double header set.

so I've only menaged to style the admin form this way:

require "simpleLogin.php";
$sl = new simpleLogin();
$sl->CheckLogin();// this will not display the page if not logged
include( "file-to-custom-style-html-output.php");
$sl->ManageUsers(); //Put this line if you wand the admin to see the manager interface

Maybe splitting http header and login form in 2 different object could solve this problem...any idea?