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Subject:Need better explanations on how to...
Summary:with English comments please :)
Author:Genadi Saltikov
Date:2009-09-03 05:32:37


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Picture of Genadi Saltikov Genadi Saltikov - 2009-09-03 05:32:37
Hi, I've got this DOM Document class you wrote, and it looks very useful - I am trying to do this:

I have a big index page with table displaying various status data at my work, and I would like to keep xml files, with info for various things I need, in xml file, which would allow me easy scalability for more features in the future (such as new attributes, like notes for every station, its status etc), that would work like this:

<status>on hold></status>
<note>need to do x y z on it</note>

Now, if I understood you correctly - your class allows not only creating or reading an XML file, but also modifying existing one - whether its new attributes, or modifying existing attributes, or even create station03 if thats what I need automatically.

However, I tried to understand spanish, unsuccessfully :) and the sample.php is not very useful to me :(

I hope you can help? or at least point me to a class thats more relevant for the kind of work I am trying to achieve here...