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gzuncompress and wordpress

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Subject:gzuncompress and wordpress
Summary:code breaks at the gzuncompress
Author:Joey Padasian
Date:2013-08-01 19:06:17

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Picture of Joey Padasian Joey Padasian - 2013-08-01 19:06:17

I'm trying to implement this into a wordpress website. However the code breaks when it is being called within a wordpress template.

It manages to get the Version and File Size info, but fails at getting the RECT data.

DEBUG: Data values initialized
DEBUG: Opened http://localhost:8888/previewer/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/test.swf
DEBUG: Read MAGIC signature: CWS
DEBUG: Partial SIZE read: 177
DEBUG: Partial SIZE read: 2560
DEBUG: Partial SIZE read: 65536
DEBUG: Partial SIZE read: 0
DEBUG: Total SIZE: 68273
We need to uncompress this
This didn't uncompress
DEBUG: RECT field size: 0 bits
DEBUG: RECT binary value: (0)
DEBUG: RECT binary value: (0)
DEBUG: RECT binary value: (0)
DEBUG: RECT binary value: (0)
DEBUG: Frame rate: 0.0
DEBUG: Frames: 0
DEBUG: Finished processing http://localhost:8888/previewer/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/test.swf

Do you have any idea why it would do this? Or is there a work around to gzuncompress?

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