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Question about size

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Subject:Question about size
Summary:the swf size is 45 kb and the class detect 52kb?? why?
Date:2010-12-17 23:04:27
Update:2012-09-05 04:03:43


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Picture of Nicolas Nicolas - 2010-12-17 23:04:27
First of all, this a excellent code and operate greats! My only question is because i have a swf file and the size is 45KB (Windows show me that in the file properties) but when i use the class, the class show me 57393 bytes for a CWS (COMPRESSED) file. I test in differents files and i have a difference between 10 a 14 KB. There's some reason for this?

Sorry for my english, i'm chilean.
Best Regards

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Picture of Maria Chibel Maria Chibel - 2012-09-05 04:03:43 - In reply to message 1 from Nicolas
Hi there
I have the same problem. I'd very appreciate if you reply.

Thanks a lot

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