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Subject:Known Issues & Latest Development
Summary:Known bugs and changelog of latest developments
Date:2006-11-04 12:11:57


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Picture of Lawliet Lawliet - 2006-11-04 12:11:57
Known Issues as of Version 1.2.9

- GIF transparency and animation is not preserved. There seem to be no way to do so, easily, with GD as of now.
- Thumbnail files are bigger than the original images! I think this is probably due to the use of imagecopyresampled. Will add option to use imagecopyresized in subsequent version

Current Changelog for 1.2.10
29 October 2006
- print_thumbnail has a new optional argument: display_inline. Refer to documentation for an explanation.
- Corrected filename header print_thumbnail sends to browser. (Used to send filenames without the period between filename and extensions)
- Removed redundant transform method and used realpath() instead.