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Subject:Combinatorics Help
Summary:Unique Combination
Author:Masees Skenderian
Date:2012-06-03 22:08:59

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Picture of Masees Skenderian Masees Skenderian - 2012-06-03 22:08:59
Hi, i have looked at your class, iam a bit confused if it can do what iam trying to figure out.

My Ultimate Goal:

Basically here is the Question at hand.
If we had 26 Boxes, labeled Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, and so on. Each box represents the position.

Then we had 15 rocks. these rocks are identical. meaning rock 1 is no different then rock 2.

We can put all the rocks in one box, or spread them out. But we must use all rocks.
here is a representation:

first 0 = box 1, second 0 = box 2.

now in the third box we have 15 rocks.

one more:

this represents Box 3 = 5 rocks,
Box 9 = 3 rocks and so on
but all the rocks in the boxes are equal to 15.

how can i find all the possible unique combinations or distributing 15 rocks in 26 boxes.

We can use a smaller example, there is going to be a lot of combinations. we i will be using a database to store these.

Thank you in advance.


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