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It does not display images

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Subject:It does not display images
Summary:It does not display images from remote sites
Date:2007-02-12 18:28:38
Update:2007-02-12 21:07:05

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Velonis - 2007-02-12 18:28:38
I want to download HTML e-mails like newsletters and convert them to webpages. The newsletters usually do not embed images so for the moment I want to show images from remote sites (they have external links).

Is there a way to solve this?

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Manuel Lemos - 2007-02-12 21:07:05 - In reply to message 1 from Velonis
Use the POP3 class in conjunction with MIME parser class so it can parse the messages and you can look at the HTML parts already decoded.

Take a look at the parse_message.php script to see how you can do that.