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Summary:Missing images and source files
Author:Carl Friis-Hansen
Date:2005-03-12 10:22:12
Update:2005-03-12 12:56:12


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Picture of Carl Friis-Hansen Carl Friis-Hansen - 2005-03-12 10:22:12
It is a little difficult to try it out.
I installed the whole package in a directory of it's own on the server and found the following problems:

Images missing.
Missing file referred to by test.php: fopen(temp_simp.php).

I looked at the sources, but gave in due to language problems.
How about tranferring parameters from index.htm to test.php, would you not need to use $_REQUEST["..."] in order to transfer the values?

I love your idea and would have loved to see it working.

Carl Friis-Hnasen

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Picture of Luis I. Larrateguy Luis I. Larrateguy - 2005-03-12 12:56:13 - In reply to message 1 from Carl Friis-Hansen
I've ir working here, but I missed that it's embedded in another system that parses me $_REQUEST to make the variables visible.

The images you mentioned, I forgot to delete them from the Index.htm, they are not necessary for the script.

temp_simp.php ... sorry!! I forgot that file. It could be deprecated, because it's part of a template engine I start writing once, and never finished.

Thanks again for your reviews, I'm thinking in rewriting some parts. I wrote the class about 2 years, when I was learning to program, and some programming practices, but I wanted to share it, beacause saw it usefull for teaching bool's algebra.