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Subject:local variables
Summary:is it possible to validate variables generated locally remotely?
Author:Howard Fuchs
Date:2005-05-21 16:48:39
Update:2005-05-23 16:00:17

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Howard Fuchs - 2005-05-21 16:48:39
This is what I am wondering. Is it possible with this class to generate a key based on a local (client) machine's variables ie MAC Address etc, store that key on a remote server, and have the remote server validate the key based on the local (client) machine's variables.

Hope I am being clear.

Basic idea is to restrict access to remote server scripts to licensed client machines.

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Oliver Lillie - 2005-05-22 11:19:44 - In reply to message 1 from Howard Fuchs
At the moment it is possible to generate a key on a clients machine through the generate function. The generate function should only really be used when install the app on a client server yourself as it directly generates a key. However this doesn't really accomodate your question.

The best way to accomplish what you want to do is use the generateRequest function. This generates a request key that can be sent to your server for validating and returning a valid key using validateRequest. This license can then be returned to the client server for processing. however the inter server communications for these processes are not yet written into the script. In theory you could adapt the private function postData to send the information to and from the servers.

If the license key is already generated on the client machine then the class can be set to call home to validate the settings everytime the license is accessed, however that is still in development and while works needs your own code to write the key entries into the provided sql.

Does this answer your question?

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Howard Fuchs - 2005-05-22 15:03:10 - In reply to message 2 from Oliver Lillie
Thanks for the response. I guess I am looking for a way to uniquely identify the remote client machine, other than through IP recognition, in order to grant or deny access to services on server.

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Oliver Lillie - 2005-05-23 09:29:25 - In reply to message 3 from Howard Fuchs
in theory this class can be used to accomplish that. it would need a little tweaking though.

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Howard Fuchs - 2005-05-23 15:42:48 - In reply to message 4 from Oliver Lillie
Any suggestions for uniquely identifying the client machine (a non-server without php onboard)?

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Oliver Lillie - 2005-05-23 16:00:17 - In reply to message 5 from Howard Fuchs
yeah. if it's a unix based os look at the ipconfig file, that contains the mac address, if it's a recent windows look for the ifconfig file. for more info check out