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Summary:Additional QBXML Resource Links
Author:Bill McCuistion
Date:2005-07-11 12:01:18

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Bill McCuistion - 2005-07-11 12:01:18
Of course, if you want to use this class, you're going to need some QBXML files.

If you're just starting out, I suggest signing up with the Intuit Developer's Network (IDN) at ( ).

The QBSDK is provided free of charge by them and registration just takes a minute. A basic IDN membership is free also.

There is also quite a bit of QBSDK related documentation at my website

I developed this documentation as part of my consulting practice and often provide "tier-2" support to IDN developers, which leads to consulting projects of one kind or another.

Drop me a line if you find the QBRDS Client class or info at useful, or if you think you need help with your QuickBooks integration project.