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MSDOC on HTTPS - issue

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Subject:MSDOC on HTTPS - issue
Summary:MSDOC on HTTPS - failures
Date:2010-08-03 04:45:45
Update:2010-08-03 14:57:49

  1. MSDOC on HTTPS - issue   Reply   Report abuse  
geoff - 2010-08-03 04:45:45
I've used this for a while to generate some MSDOCs and it works well.
However, I now have to move my site to HTTPS, and am finding that dynamic generation is failing with the same code. When I try to generate the doc
on a server set up for HTTPs, it errors out saying the browser can't download the file.

Anybody else run into a snag with this situation?

  2. Re: MSDOC on HTTPS - issue   Reply   Report abuse  
LEO - 2010-08-03 14:57:49 - In reply to message 1 from geoff
use header("Pragma: public") in output function