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Subject:please help
Summary:I get these error messages
Date:2007-07-21 04:41:11
Update:2007-07-21 15:45:23

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ffff - 2007-07-21 04:41:11
I get the follwing "notice" messages when trying to use the class:

Notice: Undefined property: form_calendar_class::$JS_DONE in ......./formsgeneration/cal_class.php on line 599

Notice: Undefined property: form_calendar_class::$btnId in ......../formsgeneration/cal_class.php on line 413

This messages does not appears in the included demo file, but it does appear if I include the same demo file code within my form. I am very confused. What could it be the problem????

changing the property:
static $JS_DONE = false;
private $JS_DONE = false;
got rid of the first message but I was not able to get rid of the second message...

Also, how do you make the selected date appear in the next page of the form. If I select a date and submit the form, the default date value appears instead of the selected date

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ffff - 2007-07-21 15:45:23 - In reply to message 1 from ffff
The only difference between the example and the form that was marking me errors was that I had the error reporting turned on:

ini_set('display_errors', '1');

So basically it ALWAYS marks those notices and your class does not works correctly. At least with PHP Version 5.1.6