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Subject:headers already sent
Summary:understanding the resending of headers
Author:Hiram Gibbard
Date:2006-09-23 13:38:47
Update:2008-06-20 01:31:37

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Hiram Gibbard - 2006-09-23 13:38:47

Currently I have a layout class that I call at the top of each of my pages. This class calls the session_start() function first and calls a series of methods that display my overall template. While incorporating your secure session class (which I like very much. Thanks!) I generate the "headers already sent error" when calling the $this->_RegenerateId() method. I am aware that theses errors are due to my programming techniques. So please don't take this as a negative accusation.

I am more or less looking for help in explaining when, where, and how to properly recall functions that call/recall header information. I know you are not supposed to output data prior to specific functions (i.e session_start, header(), and in this case the $this->_RegenerateId()), But sometimes its what I want to do, or at least accomplish. Any help would be great.

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Neal Breeding - 2008-06-20 01:31:37 - In reply to message 1 from Hiram Gibbard
I've run into this also... and consider myself a but of a novice in some areas, this being one... did you ever find a solution?