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ESC key to revert field in Ajax inline editing

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Subject:ESC key to revert field in Ajax...
Summary:allow ESC key to cancel Ajax inline edit
Author:Robert Imhof
Date:2013-02-23 06:39:21

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Picture of Robert Imhof Robert Imhof - 2013-02-23 06:39:21
Hello Gustavo,

Thank you for showing this very useful module!

One useful addition would be to add a key event such that if one makes a mistake during Ajax inline editing and would like cancel the change, the ESC key would revert the field.

There is also one small oddity: when you click in an empty text field during Ajax inline editing, it receives one space as its initial value - I tried to see in your js code where it would come from, but couldn't find it ...

All best wishes!