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Can i help?

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Subject:Can i help?
Author:David Lay
Date:2006-03-14 20:02:18
Update:2006-03-15 08:30:32

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David Lay - 2006-03-14 20:02:18
i'm a php developer currently developing bored php sites, and i would love to participate in such thing as this rpq arpoximation on php.
can i?
i have plenty knowledge on jscript and ajax also. =)

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Johan Barbier - 2006-03-15 08:30:32 - In reply to message 1 from David Lay
Hi :-)

Well, to be honest, I do not have much time, indeed, these days.
So that could be a good idea!
I am currently working on the fight engine. I am rewriting it, more interesting. I also must quickly localize it. I have my own localizing engine, I just have to integrate it to this package.
So, that would help because I lack ideas...and I lack time !
May be you can email me ? And then we can talk :-)