class ignor time per image

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Subject:class ignor time per image
Summary:s. subject
Author:Danny Sotzny
Date:2007-02-09 15:56:09
Update:2007-02-12 23:08:23

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Danny Sotzny - 2007-02-09 15:56:09

i had created a script like the example.

the images are ok but the time per image is already the same

i had tried with only 2 pics
the same if i say array(1,20) or array(10,1000)

what means this time ... ms ? sec ?!

in my app i think it take 100ms per picture.. :( but i want wo use 4sec for the first and 1 sec for the secound picture

whats wrong ?

here my code:

$bilder_array = array($tmp_filename, $gif_url);
$bilder_zeiten = array(10,0);
$ani = new GIFEncoder($bilder_array, $bilder_zeiten, 0, 2,244,0,244,'C_FILE');
fwrite ( fopen ( $speicher_pfad."userbar_".$val[userid].".gif", "wb" ), $ani->GetAnimation ( ) );

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László Zsidi - 2007-02-12 23:08:23 - In reply to message 1 from Danny Sotzny
OK, this problem was resolved and has been uploaded the edited class.


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