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Subject:POP3 stream wrapper
Summary:Parse a mail message to the mime parser
Author:Angelo Zanetti
Date:2007-02-20 15:50:23

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Picture of Angelo Zanetti Angelo Zanetti - 2007-02-20 15:50:24
Hi manuel.

With regards to parseing messages with the mime_parser.php class. In the parse_message.php file you use as an example you get your message from the server as follows:


now this $message is that the message number in the mailbox?

Also how would this work if we are using the pop3 class to connect to the mailbox and get the list of messages and loop through them.

Because in the above code it seems like that is doing the connection and getting the message... but as far as I understand the pop3 class does that better and you can also do other functions with the mail (like deletin it etc...)

Is it possible that when you are looping through the list of mails (using the pop3 class to retrieve them) that you pass the message Id of that loop to the above code as the variable: $message?

Thanks in advance.