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How to aspect php pre-defined(built-in) functions

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Subject:How to aspect php...
Summary:How to aspect php pre-defined(Built-in) functions, Ex: fopen()
Date:2013-04-17 14:52:15

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velmurugan - 2013-04-17 14:52:15
Hi Guilherme Blanco,

I am newbie for AOP Concepts in PHP. I have used your Library for AOP in PHP. I have worked the simple Aspect. It worked fine.

Now i want to Aspect the PHP pre-defined(built-in) functions such as fopen() dynamically.

I have searched more regarding this, but i did not get any workable solution.

Kindly provide some help or sample source code to Aspect fopen().

Thanks in advance.

Velmurugan S.