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Summary:Having difficulty Converting to Php 4
Author:tasos kanavos
Date:2011-02-06 18:02:20
Update:2011-02-06 18:23:33

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Picture of tasos kanavos tasos kanavos - 2011-02-06 18:02:21
Great Script and I used it locally on php5 setup. But unfortunately my live server is in PHP 4 and cannot switch. If possible would greatly appreciate help in converting this class to PHP 4. Sincerely

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Picture of Ian Lord Ian Lord - 2011-02-06 18:23:33 - In reply to message 1 from tasos kanavos
Hi Tasos,

sorry but I haven't used php4 in the last 5 years. It's not even supported anymore. I strongly suggest you upgrade your setup to a newer version of php...

If you really insist on using the class on php4, the easiest (and ugly) way of using it would be to convert all of the class functions to normal functions and classes variables to global variables.

But unfortunately I won't help you more then that in that process because it's really not something I encourage you to do.

Seriously consider an upgrade of your server ;)

Have a nice day

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