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Subject:Limit number of linked words
Summary:I'd like to limit the number of terms per page
Author:Jenifer Milton
Date:2009-01-15 17:50:31


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Picture of Jenifer Milton Jenifer Milton - 2009-01-15 17:50:31
IntelliTXT has a way you can set the number of nodes that will appear on a page (or in a section). Is there some way to set a variable that will limit this in this script?

I tried playing with the applyTerm function but I'm just not very good with hacking javascript (php, yes, javascript no!) to figure this out. What I'd like to do is say have a way to limit the number of terms to 5 per page and once the first five have been set to tooltip links, have it quit converting the text_str. I just can't quite get my head around how to do this. Code examples would be helpful!!!

Thanks, this looks like a cool script but I can't have it linking too many words per page (it'll confuse the page more than help in my case)