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Class:Clean XML To Array
Description:Parse a XML document into a nested array

Subject Last update Replies
This is the most efficient class I have ever found.
Package rating comment
2007-11-08 13:17 1
Parse behavoir
CDATA and empty tags
2007-11-01 23:33 2
It incorrectly parsed a single line XML tag in the form <tag .
Package rating comment
2007-10-26 09:09 3
Parsing a URL
A small change needs to be made in order to parse a XML file URL
2007-08-24 15:53 1
Bug: If only the first Tag includes an Attribute ...
2007-08-24 15:46 2
problem with accentuated sentences.
something is wrong in your code
2007-06-21 11:10 3
You have problem
your class not work fine
2007-01-02 13:29 2
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