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Problem shopping cart

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Subject:Problem shopping cart
Summary:Who wants to help a desparate amature ??
Author:De Wit
Date:2007-01-23 23:43:24


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Picture of De Wit De Wit - 2007-01-23 23:43:24
I am in the process of changing my website into a database driven website. The last step in the process gives problems. I found a shopping cart program that could work fine. However, the function SESSION doesn’t seem to work properly.
If I place an article into the shopping basket, the article will be written into the table “s_wagentje”, where the field “wagentjeID” should give a unique number. The problem is that it always writes to number one. This means that everyone can see what somebody else put in the shopping cart.
As soon as the order is placed, the table “wagentjeID will become empty and the tables “s_bestellingen” and “s-bst_details” will be filled. The order will be written into these two tables with a unique number in the field “bstID” . So, this part of the program works fine.

You will find the test prg here: ...

It consists of 9 small php files. I made txt files of them. Here they are: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Here is the sql file with the tables and fields: ...

I tried a few alternative shopping cart programs with the same negative result. The items are all written to the same itemID. I use the function SESSION in another application where it works fine.
I changed the field “wagentjeID” from the table “wagentje” into auto-increment. Result was that the program did not work anymore.

I would be very grateful if someone could help this desparate amature.

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