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Sending works perfectly but receive fails everytime for me

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Subject:Sending works perfectly but receive...
Summary:Recaiving characters: COM -> PHP doesnt work for me.
Date:2018-05-21 13:19:15

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Picture of Mariusz Mariusz - 2018-05-21 13:19:15

I syccessfully used your class to drive my selfmade room driver device via php webpage. Now I can disable / enable or adjust every electrical device @ my home. It means I have no any issues to use it to send commands via COM (connected to RS232<->RS485 converter).

But I have a really big issue to recaive (form COM to PHP) any characters from COM port (when my devices answers for previously sent commands).

Could you please describe a little bit how it works? How this class knows that the transmission from external device has started or stopped?
Anw how its possible I cant see any messages in my recaive php variable?

Please note when I use command console (instead of PHP class) everything works perfectly - I can both send commands to my devices but also to see it's answers.

Maybe I could send you ny webpage code or? Or maybe could you show me a working solution / example I could see how it works? What dependities should be ensured, or.

Generally I have no Idea why it cant work.

My transmission settings are: 4800, 8, n, 1. Sending works great. But receiving can't work properly, so I can't use all of possibilities of my smart home system.

Thank you and best regards.