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Subject:Version 2.5
Summary:The release of version 2.5
Author:Said Bakr
Date:2010-07-25 01:19:03

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Said Bakr - 2010-07-25 01:19:03

Fox_captcha version 2.5 is released. It has a bug fix and a new feature.

The bug is wrong number for rendered lines which is controlled via $lines_amount property and it set by default to 5 lines. It was shown more than 5 lines and setting $lines_amount to any value does not leads to change in the lines numbers for reloaded image.

The feature is displaying animated gif image for indicating to downloading new Captcha image.

Please read how2use.html file in the package to know more. For working example using version 2.5, visit


For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.