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Long time test: Simple setup and excellent working

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Subject:Long time test: Simple setup and...
Summary:Working for 8 years, glad i found this class with PHPClasses
Date:2019-07-24 07:27:17


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RossiRat - 2019-07-24 07:27:17
I came here to see if there's an update available. Sadly no new updates are available. They say don't ride a dead horse - but it's still runs fine.
I want to give feedback from my experiences over the last years:

- It's easy to implement: Just 1 file with the class. Each content to cache gets an unique filename.

- Invisible to user: The caching runs in pure PHP. If a cachefile will be found and it's still valid (each file could have a different expiration time) it give back the pure cached HTML code. No reference to this class can be found in the HTML code.

- Runs as fast as your file system: No compiling or exchanging from keywords needed. It caches the whole HTML page at once or even just small blocks if needed.

- 100% compatible with variables that need to cache different content: User-id, right management flags, shop categories. Just add the variable content to the filename (content_user1.html, content_user2.html, ...)

Overall it's a big (server) time saver and i would be happy if i could donate some money to Rob.

Sure varnish is the big thing at the moment and other cache classes can be found here too. But if you need some simple HTML caching routine just give it a chance - easy to use - much caching effort!