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Subject:Eyesis Data Grid Control
Summary:Custom Format
Date:2010-09-09 18:02:51

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Picture of ZZorro ZZorro - 2010-09-09 18:02:51
In one of your examples, you show how you can change the format of how a column is displayed. I am trying to format credit card numbers using the function FormatCreditCard() that I found at

I have tried using $x->setColumnType('CardNumber', EyeDataGrid::TYPE_FUNCTION, FormatCreditCard(this->CardNumber); and other variations. How can I implement the format credit card function in your project?

I have used your Data Grid Control in several of my projects and find it very good. However, it would be nice if you could provide some more examples of how to use the Configuration constants that you have.
const CUSCTRL_TEXT = 1;
const CUSCTRL_IMAGE = 2;
const STDCTRL_EDIT = 3;
const TYPE_DATE = 1;
const TYPE_IMAGE = 2;
const TYPE_ONCLICK = 3;
const TYPE_ARRAY = 4;
const TYPE_DOLLAR = 5;
const TYPE_HREF = 6;
const TYPE_CHECK = 7;
const TYPE_PERCENT = 8;
const TYPE_CUSTOM = 9;
const TYPE_FUNCTION = 10;

Thank you.