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Subject:PHP Scroller
Summary:Doesn't work correctly
Author:Lee Davis
Date:2012-12-19 16:48:59
Update:2012-12-19 23:16:14

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Lee Davis - 2012-12-19 16:48:59
This scroller should have been easier to implement and use. With the regular process of including the "example.php" file into another php file, there is a failure of the scroller to visibly register. I've tried everything I know (including using currently working examples of my own successful coding), but I can't get it to show up at all.

EDIT: The files have to be in the root folder for some reason, since trying to include them from a folder situated in the root WILL NOT WORK - either LOCALLY (using UniformServer on my machine) or on the webserver itself. To control the scrolling rate, change this line;


- the HIGHER the number, the slower the scrolling. This LOOKED like a simple script, but the implementation is a nightmare and counter to programming as declared fit by the PHP manual.

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Lee Davis - 2012-12-19 21:40:16 - In reply to message 1 from Lee Davis
EDIT 2: To get this scroller working, the file that I included it into -
navi.php - had to be copied into the "php-scroller" folder in order for it to register visibly. The reference to the "setInterval" lives in the "javascript.php" file (I changed it to "50" to achieve smooth scrolling). I still don't understand why I wasn't able to include the "example.php" file straight from it's folder of residence ("php-scroller"), since I have the ability to let scripts live one level (or any other one for that matter) above the root folder. So, this is discernibly annoying as a matter of programming process.

What rules are being bent in order to achieve this script? Why is it that the "example.php" file isn't able to be directly included into another PHP file OUTSIDE of the "php-scroller" folder? My difficulties have nothing to do with either my production server configuration (I have everything I need in that regard), or my coding process (as coding that is currently working - CROSS-BROWSER - is serving in several other spots on my server).

As said before, the implementation is a nightmare and has introduced several other problems to the point that I don't know if it's worth using. I'm only going to spend another few hours on this before I abandon it in favor of a simpler, out-of-the-box functional script. The main reason I wanted to use this is that it's exclusively PHP, and most of the JavaScript scrollers and vertical news scripts out there don't function in a few of the browsers and I wanted my scroller to show in all of them.

I really hope I can make this work for me.....

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Lee Davis - 2012-12-19 23:16:14 - In reply to message 2 from Lee Davis
EDIT 3: After making the scroler work locally (via my UniformServer), I tried the same thing on the production server and was denied yet again. SO, cutting-and-pasting the files into the root server produces the effect I want. THE SCROLLER WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT THE FOLDER FILES BEING LOCATED IN THE ROOT FOLDER!!!! WHY IS THAT?!?!?! That's a bunch of HOOEY! Something about this script needs to be re-examined/re-written/whatever as I've never been denied like this on the inclusion process of files from different folders on the same domain. Now that I look at the date of creation (2009), I realize that there is a need for something to get redone. Can you please have the decency to sort out this problem?!?!?! As said before, this is counter to the programming process for PHP as laid by the authors of "the manual".

The script has now been made to work, and counter to everything that I know that works for PHP currently. I shouldn't have had to include the contents of the "php-scroller" folder into my root folder to get it to function correctly. Now that I think about it, PHP 5 was just coming into it's own, so I KNOW there's a problem somewhere. We're still using it now (verging on PHP 6), and it's still a mystery why this script is counter to everything that the manual says. You gotta fix this. The end result can be found at - and, PLEASE, don't think I'm trying to cop an attitude with you, but the reason I'm so ripshit about this is the fact that it was something that I KNEW had to exist (projection of JS thru PHP for a cross-browser display), and it took too long to twist to my purposes as a crucial element of PHP ("include") failed when it never should have, and, if you want, I can reproduce this behavior for video so you can see it not working via the PHP include method. AND, I consulted with a few people more knowledgeble than myself, and they were amazed that the include methodology was rendered inert with the script. I'd love a response to this - fisking is optional.