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Not broken but . . .

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Subject:Not broken but . . .
Summary:two points...
Author:Texx Smith
Date:2011-01-01 14:47:29
Update:2011-01-01 14:54:54

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Texx Smith - 2011-01-01 14:47:29
Two points:

1- This tool definitely works, it just has limited function, ie; it only checks the first page of Google.
Any chance of making version 2 that checks the first three pages? Or the first thirty results?

2- I can see how some think it's broken as there's no form included to get info from the user. So if you think you can just copy and paste it and it'll work they're wrong. You have to make your own form...
Any chance version 2 could have an example form in example.php?

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Texx Smith - 2011-01-01 14:54:54 - In reply to message 1 from Texx Smith
Whoops I spoke too soon. It seems point one has already been taken care of, it checks 10 pages!