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works, but not quite what I need...

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Subject:works, but not quite what I need...
Summary:here's an idea for making it more powerful.
Author:Tom Berend
Date:2012-12-26 14:08:57


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Picture of Tom Berend Tom Berend - 2012-12-26 14:08:58
Hi, downloaded your class, and it works like a charm. But I have a slightly different problem, I have built a complex tree structure of different objects, and would like to serialize the entire tree.

In your example, you serialize Object1, which contains links to itself and to a second object. But you only show how Object1 can be serialized and restored, Object2 is not restored. It COULD be, in your case with a single call to your serialize manager.

But in my case, there may be dozens of objects - I can only find them by recursively running through my tree and finding them. Your class could do this as well, which would make it much more useful.

Don't upgrade for me, I'll have my problem solved in a few minutes (by building the serialize into the classes).

Thanks for posting your class to PHPClasses.

Tom Berend