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this script is too old.

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Subject:this script is too old.
Summary:Package rating comment
Author:Setiawan Egho
Date:2012-04-27 07:40:50
Update:2014-04-12 00:51:35

Setiawan Egho rated this package as follows:

Utility: Good
Consistency: Good

  1. this script is too old.   Reply   Report abuse  
Setiawan Egho - 2012-04-27 07:40:50
this script is too old..
i've not use this but i'm sure this class can use to backup n restore..

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Maulana Yusuf - 2014-04-12 00:51:35 - In reply to message 1 from Setiawan Egho
I have try this code but its show me this message.
Warning: Call to private Backuprestoresql::__destruct() from context 'BackupRestore' during shutdown ignored in Unknown on line 0