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Subject:Item Image
Summary:adding an item image
Date:2006-12-20 13:13:00
Update:2013-06-16 07:30:35

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MyVar - 2006-12-20 13:13:00
is it possible to add an item image not only a channel image with this class? I want to show a picture in each news.

thx for your help

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Manuel Lemos - 2006-12-20 19:27:21 - In reply to message 1 from MyVar
Sure, you can just specify play HTML within the news item description. The PHPClasses site latest classes feed shows a screenshot in the items descriptions of each package if it is available. ...

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Nicolas Roma - 2013-06-15 18:14:49 - In reply to message 2 from Manuel Lemos
Hi Manuel, i am new at this so i hope you can help me, im trying to set up an image for each item tag but i could not pull it out.

im using your rss_writer_class.php file, and is working perfect but i need to do that and i do not know how, can you help to solve it?

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Manuel Lemos - 2013-06-16 07:30:35 - In reply to message 3 from Nicolas Roma
As mentioned above, there is no standard tag for specifying an image for each item.

What you can do is to enter in the item description, HTML with the <img> tag to enter the image you want to use.