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Subject:Site.php file
Summary:Site.php inclusion
Date:2009-08-19 06:20:43
Update:2009-08-22 06:05:33

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RAZA - 2009-08-19 06:20:43
Hey guys!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Unfortunately the file Site.php was not approved. I have uploaded its other copy Site2.php in the includes/classes/ folder. If you still cant find the file, worry not. Here is the code for the file Site.php.

class Site
public function ListProducts()
$sql="select productName,productCode,productPrice from products;";

echo '<table>';
echo '<thead>';
echo '<tr>';
echo '<th>Product Name</th>';
echo '<th>Product Code</th>';
echo '<th>Product Price</th>';
echo '<th>Purchase</th>';
echo '</tr>';
echo '</thead>';
echo '<tbody>';

echo '<tr>';
echo '<td>'.$row[0].'</td>';
echo '<td>'.$row[1].'</td>';
echo '<td>'.$row[2].'</td>';
echo '<td><a href="Cart.php?add='.$row[1].'">Add to Cart</a></td>';
echo '</tr>';

echo '</tbody>';
echo '</table>';


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JALUZO - 2009-08-20 07:18:33 - In reply to message 1 from RAZA
THANK YOU for the file Site.php

Please HELP installation repertoire !!!!!

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Site::GetProductInfo()


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RAZA - 2009-08-22 06:05:33 - In reply to message 2 from JALUZO
Hey Jaluzo!

Just use the this line of code: