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Summary:Downloadable OnlineTextSpinner
Date:2010-06-04 00:08:33
Update:2011-12-10 21:06:47

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Picture of Slam Slam - 2010-06-04 00:08:34
After watching your OnlineTextSpinner i got really interested. It seems like a very usefull addition to my SEO collection. Can you make this code available? Please...

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Picture of Er. Rochak Chauhan Er. Rochak Chauhan - 2010-06-04 05:04:12 - In reply to message 1 from Slam
Thanks for your appreciation.

Infact I got myself inspired by :)

The source code (backend) is available online free download. However I plan to charge a small fee to deploy/implement it online like the demo ... I am sure you will understand.

Best Regards,
Rochak Chauhan

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Picture of Smith Smith - 2011-12-10 21:06:47 - In reply to message 2 from Er. Rochak Chauhan
i like your online text spinner,
how do i get this script