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Problems with large xls

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Subject:Problems with large xls
Summary:Cannot manage to have large files parsed...
Author:Emanuele Reggi
Date:2011-02-23 15:07:37

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Emanuele Reggi - 2011-02-23 15:07:37
I'm using this class for xls2mysql update system (through php) but I'm having a problem with parsing a large xls (around 8000 rows per 30 cols). The script version is 0.5.3 and i noticed, while debugging it, that it dies exactely on line 129 inside during the for loop. Could you please have a look at it, for it is really working good and that's my only problem, and also if I try working on it it would surely take much more time than it would take you, for you already know the overall functioning of it.

Thank you in advance,

great job.

Manu Reggi