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test file: cant make it work

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Subject:test file: cant make it work
Summary:No connection could be made even with my firewall down
Date:2012-11-19 21:53:48

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Muzztein - 2012-11-19 21:53:48
I'm trying to run the example file on my WAMP server an this is what I'm getting

PhpSocket::establish - PhpSocket creating
PhpSocket::establish - server:, port: 9000, serverIP:

Warning: socket_connect() [function.socket-connect]: unable to connect [0]: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. in C:\wamp\www\mpcl\test\PhpSocket.php on line 76
PhpSocket::read - start

Fatal error: Cannot break/continue 1 level in C:\wamp\www\mpcl\test\PhpSocket.php on line 189

any idea why I'm getting this?

I'have installed the requiered extentions and I have shut down my firewall also.