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Subject:Rot13 Check
Summary:added line to check for simple cipher
Author:Nils Hitze
Date:2007-11-08 11:44:52

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Picture of Nils Hitze Nils Hitze - 2007-11-08 11:44:52
I added a block to check if password is only rot13 of baseword, which wouldn't been very secure in my opinion.

Just add this:

// Check for only numbers
if(($password) == str_rot13($this->baseword)) {
$ok = false;
$this->result[] = $password." is only rot13 of ".$this->baseword;
} else {
$this->result[] = $password." is not rot13 of ".$this->baseword;

after this (in line 155):
$this->result[] = $password." has more than ".$this->lessthan." characters";