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Not work PHP5, Apache 2.2 and XP Client with Office 2007

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Subject:Not work PHP5, Apache 2.2 and XP...
Summary:Please tell me why and how to fix it....
Author:Didit Agus
Date:2010-12-23 05:41:58

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Didit Agus - 2010-12-23 05:41:58
i use your completely code for generate XLS file from PHP code, here I send you the codes with attachment...
I use PHP5, Windows XP for client, Apache 2.2, and Ms. office 2007 or Open Office 3.2
I do try also at XAMPP, but, i can not use the format, they got some error message such as:

Notice: Object of class Format could not be converted to int in C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\project1_3\xlsClass\Worksheet.php on line 822

And the result was completely unreadable, such this one:
ࡱ >
83ffff̙̙3f3̙fff3f3f33333f33333 W Sheet 1
% Test Generate Bold Font Excel ' Test Generate Italic Font Excel * "Test Generate Underline Font Excel 1 )Test Generate Double Underline Font Excel 1 $Test Generate Bold Italic Font Excel) ?( ?' ?& ? >

But, when i use no format, its work fine...
Perhaps, its problem on format workbook or worksheet...

Does any kind of new module perhaps...??

Please help me...
Do not hesitance to contact me, i need its urgently....

Best Regards,

Didit Agus Irwantoko,