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Summary:Trying to format a range of cells in a row
Author:Carlos A. Pérez M.
Date:2006-08-29 22:05:44

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Carlos A. Pérez M. - 2006-08-29 22:05:44
I have not been able to format a range of cells, not a column, let's say cells A1;AB1 and apply the thin border.

I know that I can apply the borders to a specific cell using any format with set_border(1).

If I do set_row Ex: $W2->set_row( $Row, 15, $MyBorder ); it applies the format to all the row from 1 to IV and I only want to apply it to cells 1 to AB.

How do I do that without using a loop?
Is it Possible.

Is there a documentation (not the documentor) about how to use the class?
The documentor documentation tells you what is defined and where, but no examples that gives you a good idea on how to apply the formatting.