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open_basedir workaround?

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Subject:open_basedir workaround?
Summary:Shared host has "open_basedir" on; what does this package need?
Date:2007-08-03 15:57:17

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daffyduck - 2007-08-03 15:57:17
Hello ~

This looks like a cool package. At least, I think it *will* be. :)

This package's "test.php" generates a "test.xls" with error text talking about "open_basedir", and not being able to access the "/tmp" directory.

I did a little bit of research and figured out that "open_basedir" is a security feature that restricts file operations to certain areas.

The package is assuming that it can write to /tmp but it doesn't test first.

I never told it to use /tmp, and I can't see anything in its code about /tmp, so... HOW DO I TELL IT to use the current folder? or a subfolder?
(somewhere that open_basedir would allow it to access)