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How to make it work ?

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Subject:How to make it work ?
Summary:how to make it work ?
Author:Vishwas Gagrani
Date:2012-12-26 21:13:54

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Vishwas Gagrani - 2012-12-26 21:13:54
require './EasyFacebook.php';

$fb = new EasyFacebook('xxxxx','xxxxxxx') ;

'message' => 'Text of the message',
'name' => 'Name of the textbox',
'link' => 'Link of the textbox',
'description' => 'Description of the textbox',
'picture' => 'Textboxs picture url. It will be on the left side of the textbox',
'privacy'=> array('value'=>'CUSTOM','friends'=>'SELF')

echo '===>'.$fb->isLiked();

echo 'testing EasyFacebook Class ' ;


But it only displays
===>testing2 EasyFacebook Class
on the facebook canvas page ?

What's the problem ?