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Subject:Option Box Format
Summary:Does setLabelBreak affect Option buttons layout?
Author:Phil Evans
Date:2005-04-25 14:38:38
Update:2005-04-25 18:29:51

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Picture of Phil Evans Phil Evans - 2005-04-25 14:38:38
I altered the setLabelBreak and setFieldBreak to put labels in a table column beside each field. This appears to force option buttons to layout in separate columns across a row, instead of vertically in one column. Is there some way of using this layout but retaining the vertical layout of option buttons?

Also would like to add nav bar to layout.

By the way easy to implement otherwise.


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Picture of Gamaiel Zavala Gamaiel Zavala - 2005-04-25 18:29:51 - In reply to message 1 from Phil Evans
The new version supports a new property and method specifically for option breaks (setOptionBreak) which should provideu the functionality you're looking for. The new version reworks the Formitable methodolgy to focus on outputting a field at a time to allow the integration of your form into a custom layout. You'll still be able to output the entire form in a single command as well. It will be released very soon.