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Subject:Multi-layer questions
Summary:Does this class support multi-layer questions?
Author:Sam Spickle
Date:2019-06-12 19:36:26

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Picture of Sam Spickle Sam Spickle - 2019-06-12 19:36:26
Looks like a good class and easy to add questions!

However, my need is for multi-layer questions (where, depending on the answer to one question, another is presented) - with a possibility (probability - knowing the client.....) for multi-select answers as well..... i.e.:

Q: What are you doing tonight?

A1: Watching a movie
====> Q: Will you be snacking?
=======>A1: Yes
===========>Q: What sort of snacks will you have? (multi-select)
===============>A1: pizza
===============> A2: popcorn
===============> A3: beer
=======>A2: No

Of course, this could continue, though I think you can see what I'm looking for.

This is for a paid development, so I would be happy to 'contribute' if mods are needed to make it do what I need (once the client approves and pays for the project, of course!)