HTML Forms: Generate and validate submitted HTML forms

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This package can generate and validate submitted HTML forms.

It provides several classes that abstract each type of form field and can create form field objects that can be composed to generate the form output.

The package provides also means to filter and validate the submitted form input values.

The form output can be rendered using bootstrap CSS styles.

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Latest Stable Version Total Downloads Latest Unstable Version License<br /> Build Status Code Coverage Scrutinizer Code Quality<br /> A super easy Bootstrap ready HTML form generator for PHP

An example generated form

v1.1.0 Now has 'Dynamic Form' functionality. You can add child forms to fields like radio buttons, and have the form appear on selecting the trigger value. See the Dynamic Form section of this readme.


Install via composer

 composer require delboy1978uk/form


Firstly, "use" all the classes you'll need for your form. Then create your form and fields.


use Del\Form\Form;
use Del\Form\Field\Text;
use Del\Form\Field\CheckBox;
use Del\Form\Field\Submit;

// Create a form
$form = new Form('registration');

// Create a username, email, spamlist checkbox, and submit button.
$userName = new Text('username');
$email = new Text('email');
$spamMe = new CheckBox('spam');
$submit = new Submit('submit');

// Set labels
$userName->setLabel('User Name');
$email->setLabel('Email Address');
$spamMe->setLabel('Join our (and 3rd parties) email list(s)');

// Add the fields to the form

// Render the form
echo $form->render();

Creating Custom Forms

Of course, it's nicer to create your own form than build one up every time, so just create a class and extend Del\Form\AbstractForm and add your fields in the init() function:

namespace My\Cool;

use Del\Form\AbstractForm;
use Del\Form\Field\Text\EmailAddress;
use Del\Form\Field\Text\Password;
use Del\Form\Field\Submit;

class LoginForm extends AbstractForm
    public function init() 
        $email = new EmailAddress('email');   
        $password = new Password('passord');
        $submit = new Submit('submit');

Then using your form is as simple as:

use My\Cool\LoginForm;

$form = new LoginForm('login');

Fitering and validating input

For filtering input, add a Del\Form\Filter\Interface to your field object. For validating the filtered input, add a Del\Form\Validator\ValidatorInterface. Currently there is an adapter for Zend\Filter and Zend\Validate, but feel free to write an adapter for you favourite library. Setting a required field adds a Del\Form\Validator\NotEmpty validator.


// A text field, and an adapter for the filters and the validators
use Del\Form\Field\Text;
use Del\Form\Filter\Adapter\FilterAdapterZf;
use Del\Form\Validator\Adapter\ValidatorAdapterZf;

// Some sensible default string filters for username/email fields 
use Zend\Filter\StripTags;
use Zend\Filter\StringTrim;
use Zend\Filter\StringToLower;

// Validation rules
use Zend\Validator\CreditCard;;

// Create the field
$creditCard = new Text('credit-card');

// Create the filters
$stripTags = new FilterAdapterZf(new StripTags());
$trim = new FilterAdapterZf(new StringTrim());
$lowerCase = new FilterAdapterZf(new StringToLower());

// Create the validators
$emailAddress = new ValidatorAdapterZf(new CreditCard());

// Add them to the field

Setting and getting values

Del\Form\FormInterface has a populate method which takes an array (usually the post data, but not necessarily ;-).

if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { // or ask your request object ;-) 
    $data = $_POST;
    if ($form->isValid()) {
        $filteredData = $form->getValues();

After populate has been called, if you call Form::render(), it will display any validation error messages.

Field Types


Del\Form\Field\Text fields are the most basic field, and come with a built in StripTags and StringTrim filter.

Del\Form\Field\Text\EmailAddress extends Text, and adds an EmailAddress validator for convenience.

Del\Form\Field\Text\Password is a password field which also extends Text.

use Del\Form\Field\Text;

$text = new Text('text');
$text->setLabel('Needed Details');
$text->setPlaceholder('type some text..');


Del\Form\Field\TextArea fields are pretty much the same as the Text field

use Del\Form\Field\TextArea;

$textArea = new TextArea('message');;


Del\Form|Field\Select needs initialised with setOptions():

use Del\Form\Field\Select;

$select = new Select('choose');
    'BK' => 'Burger King',
    'McD' => 'McDonalds',
    'Q' => 'Quick',


Del\Form|Field\Radio can be rendered inline (side by side) or not, also needs initialised with setOptions():

use Del\Form\Field\Radio;

$radio = new Radio('choose');
    'BK' => 'Burger King',
    'McD' => 'McDonalds',
    'Q' => 'Quick',


Del\Form|Field\Checkbox can be rendered inline or not, also needs initialised with setOptions():

use Del\Form\Field\CheckBox;

$check = new CheckBox('choose');
    'BK' => 'Burger King',
    'McD' => 'McDonalds',
    'Q' => 'Quick',


Del\Form|Field\FileUpload fields come with a nifty looking Bootstrap compatible renderer, but it uses some javascript. If you don't want that, just call setRenderer() and pass it a default TextRender class instance.

use Del\Form\Field\FileUpload;

$fileUpload = new FileUpload('photo');


Del\Form|Field\Submit doesn't really need much:

use Del\Form\Field\Submit;

$submit = new Submit('submit');

Dynamic Forms

You can have for example a radio button with two choices, and each choice can have a separate form relevant to the checked value. For instance, a radio with a choice of food or drink could then display a dynamic form upon clicking the drink option, and the drinks form will display.

An example generated form


$radio = new Radio('choice');
$radio->setLabel('Please choose..');
    1 => 'Food',
    2 => 'Drink',

$foodForm = new Form('food');  // This form appears when radio choice 1 is selected
$foodRadio = new Radio('foodchoice');
$foodRadio->setLabel('Choose your food.');
    1 => 'Cheeseburger',
    2 => 'Pizza',
    3 => 'Steak',
$radio->addDynamicForm($foodForm, 1);

$drinkForm = new Form('drink');  // This form appears when radio choice 2 is selected
$drinkRadio = new Radio('drinkchoice');
$drinkRadio->setLabel('Choose your drink.');
    1 => 'Beer',
    2 => 'Vodka',
    3 => 'Whisky',
$moreText = new Text('moretext');
$moreText->setPlaceholder('Another text field to fill in');
$radio->addDynamicForm($drinkForm, 2);

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