PHP Google Cloud Print API: Print documents using a Google Cloud printer

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This class can print documents using a Google Cloud printer.

It can send HTTP requests to the Google Accounts API to login in a Google account using a given user email address and his password to obtain a OAuth token.

The class can use the obtained token to send HTTP requests to the Google Cloud Print API to perform several types of operations.

Currently it can retrieve the list of available cloud printers, as well send a given document file to be printed in one of the printers.


Google Cloud Print

PHP class to print documents using Google Cloud Print using OAuth2.

First of all you have to add printers to Google Cloud Print using your Gmail account and Google Chrome browser. Follow the instructions on the following link to add printer to Google Cloud Print

Google OAuth Prerequisites

1) Create Google API project and get OAuth credentials.

Create Google OAuth Credentials

1) Create new project and get the corresponding OAuth credentials using Google developer console

2) Select APIS & AUTH –> credentials from the left menu.

3) Click Create new Client ID button. A popup will appear. In Authorized redirect URIs text area enter url that should point to oAuthRedirect.php on your server.

4) After submitting this form, we can get the client Id, secret key etc.

Replace client_id, client_secret values in $redirectConfig and $authConfig arrays in Config.php file.

You also need to replace redirect_uri in both $redirectConfig and $authConfig arrays. This URL should point to oAuthRedirect.php on your server.

For Online Access hit index.php

Online access requires authorization every time you need to send print to printer once token in Session gets expired.

For Offline Access (when you want to send prints without user presence) hit offlineAccess.php

Offline access requires authorization only once or unless user has revoked access. You should use offline access when you want to send prints to printer with out the presence of user or send prints to printer using a cron job script.

Once you hit offlineAccess.php you will be redirected to offlineToken.php which will show you your refresh token.

You need to save refresh token to database, file or some cache systems as later on when you will send print to printer in offline mode you need to replace that refrsh token at line # 29 on cron.php

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Name: PHP Google Cloud Print API
Base name: google-cloud-print
Description: Print documents using a Google Cloud printer
Version: 1.12
PHP version: 5.0
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Google Cloud Print is a service that allows finding printers accessible via the Web and print documents using printers with authorized access.

This PHP class can be used to find and send documents to available printers using the Google Cloud Print service.

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File Role Description
Config.php Conf. Configuration script
cron.php Example Example script
example.php Example Example script
GoogleCloudPrint.php Class Class source
HttpRequest.Class.php Class Class source
index.php Example Example script
oAuthRedirect.php Class Class source
offlineAccess.php Appl. Application script
offlineToken.php Appl. Application script Doc. Documentation

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