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This class can generate SVG chart documents.

It can generate XML that define charts using SVG documents.

The charts may include many type of elements like lines, circles, groups, polygon, rectangles, text, etc..

The generated document may be returned as a string or saved to a file.

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SVG Creator, PHP class to generate svg files ( somewhat inspired by d3js )

Elements available:

- circle
- defs
- g
- line
- marker
- path
- rect
- svg
- text

Also added an example of a class to make a complex figure, a line with an arrow on the end

This class validates the most common parameters in several elements, read more on the Wiki:

- Chaining methods
- Composer ready ( )

More elements
More complex elements.

Build complex elements with few parameters, for example an polygon passing only the x, y and radius and number of vertices.
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docs (1 file, 8 directories)
examples (9 files)
src (1 directory)
composer.json Data Auxiliary data
LICENSE Data Auxiliary data Data Auxiliary data

  Files  /  docs  
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classes (12 files)
css (3 files, 1 directory)
files (18 files, 2 directories)
graphs (1 file)
images (8 files, 1 directory)
js (6 files)
namespaces (4 files)
reports (3 files)
   index.html Doc. Documentation

  Files  /  docs  /  classes  
File Role Description
   SVGCreator.Complex...s.LineEndArrow.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Element.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Elements.Circle.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Elements.Defs.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Elements.Group.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Elements.Line.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Elements.Marker.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Elements.Path.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Elements.Rect.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Elements.Svg.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Elements.Text.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.SVGException.html Doc. Documentation

  Files  /  docs  /  css  
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phpdocumentor-clean-icons (2 files, 1 directory)
   jquery.iviewer.css Data Auxiliary data
   prism.css Data Auxiliary data
   template.css Data Auxiliary data

  Files  /  docs  /  css  /  phpdocumentor-clean-icons  
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fonts (2 files)
   lte-ie7.js Data Auxiliary data
   style.css Data Auxiliary data

  Files  /  docs  /  css  /  phpdocumentor-clean-icons  /  fonts  
File Role Description Data Auxiliary data
   phpdocumentor-clean-icons.svg Data Auxiliary data

  Files  /  docs  /  files  
File Role Description
examples (6 files)
src (1 directory) Doc. Documentation
   examples.complex.php.html Doc. Documentation Doc. Documentation
   examples.line.php.html Doc. Documentation
   examples.rect.php.html Doc. Documentation
   examples.text.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Com...neEndArrow.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Element.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Elements.Circle.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Elements.Defs.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Elements.Group.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Elements.Line.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Elements.Marker.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Elements.Path.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Elements.Rect.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Elements.Svg.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.Elements.Text.php.html Doc. Documentation
   src.SVGCreator.SVGException.php.html Doc. Documentation

  Files  /  docs  /  files  /  examples  
File Role Description
   circle.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   complex.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   group.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   line.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   rect.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   text.php.txt Doc. Documentation

  Files  /  docs  /  files  /  src  
File Role Description
SVGCreator (2 files, 2 directories)

  Files  /  docs  /  files  /  src  /  SVGCreator  
File Role Description
ComplexFigures (1 file)
Elements (9 files)
   Element.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   SVGException.php.txt Doc. Documentation

  Files  /  docs  /  files  /  src  /  SVGCreator  /  ComplexFigures  
File Role Description
   LineEndArrow.php.txt Doc. Documentation

  Files  /  docs  /  files  /  src  /  SVGCreator  /  Elements  
File Role Description
   Circle.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   Defs.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   Group.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   Line.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   Marker.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   Path.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   Rect.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   Svg.php.txt Doc. Documentation
   Text.php.txt Doc. Documentation

  Files  /  docs  /  graphs  
File Role Description
   class.html Doc. Documentation

  Files  /  docs  /  images  
File Role Description
iviewer (8 files)
   custom-icons.svg Data Auxiliary data
   hierarchy-item.png Icon Icon image
   icon-class-13x13.png Icon Icon image
   icon-class.svg Data Auxiliary data
   icon-interface-13x13.png Icon Icon image
   icon-interface.svg Data Auxiliary data
   icon-trait-13x13.png Icon Icon image
   icon-trait.svg Data Auxiliary data

  Files  /  docs  /  images  /  iviewer  
File Role Description
   grab.cur Data Auxiliary data
   hand.cur Data Auxiliary data
   iviewer.rotate_left.png Icon Icon image
   iviewer.rotate_right.png Icon Icon image
   iviewer.zoom_fit.png Icon Icon image
   iviewer.zoom_in.png Icon Icon image
   iviewer.zoom_out.png Icon Icon image
   iviewer.zoom_zero.png Icon Icon image

  Files  /  docs  /  js  
File Role Description
   jquery.dotdotdot-1.5.9.js Data Auxiliary data
   jquery.dotdotdot-1.5.9.min.js Data Auxiliary data
   jquery.iviewer.js Data Auxiliary data
   jquery.iviewer.min.js Data Auxiliary data
   jquery.smooth-scroll.js Data Auxiliary data
   prism.min.js Data Auxiliary data

  Files  /  docs  /  namespaces  
File Role Description
   default.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.ComplexFigures.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.Elements.html Doc. Documentation
   SVGCreator.html Doc. Documentation

  Files  /  docs  /  reports  
File Role Description
   deprecated.html Doc. Documentation
   errors.html Doc. Documentation
   markers.html Doc. Documentation

  Files  /  examples  
File Role Description
   circle.php Example Example script
   complex-polygon.php Example Example script
   complex.php Example Example script
   group.php Example Example script
   line.php Example Example script
   pentagon.php Example Example script
   polygon.php Example Example script
   rect.php Example Example script
   text.php Example Example script

  Files  /  src  
File Role Description
SVGCreator (2 files, 2 directories)

  Files  /  src  /  SVGCreator  
File Role Description
ComplexFigures (2 files)
Elements (10 files)
   Element.php Class Class source
   SVGException.php Class Class source

  Files  /  src  /  SVGCreator  /  ComplexFigures  
File Role Description
   ComplexPolygon.php Class Class source
   LineEndArrow.php Class Class source

  Files  /  src  /  SVGCreator  /  Elements  
File Role Description
   Circle.php Class Class source
   Defs.php Class Class source
   Group.php Class Class source
   Line.php Class Class source
   Marker.php Class Class source
   Path.php Class Class source
   Polygon.php Class Class source
   Rect.php Class Class source
   Svg.php Class Class source
   Text.php Class Class source

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