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Award Winners by Author of 2022

Rank Author Packages Points
1 Pierre-Henry Soria 9 97
2 Ujah Chigozie peter Nigeria 8 62
3 Insolita Russian Federation 7 54
3 Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan 5 54
5 Mateo Peru 5 53
6 Fabrice Fesch France 5 52
7 Alexey Dodonov Russian Federation 5 47
8 Scott Arciszewski United States 4 44
9 Ahmed Saad Egypt 4 37
10 adam berger Poland 3 36

Award Winners by Country of 2022

Rank Country Packages Points
1 Nigeria Nigeria 21 186
2 Russian Federation Russian Federation 19 168
3 United Kingdom 9 97
4 Brazil Brazil 7 87
4 Bangladesh Bangladesh 11 87
6 Peru Peru 8 84
7 France France 7 76
8 Turkey Turkey 7 69
9 Germany Germany 7 60
10 Egypt Egypt 6 58

Winners of December of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP WhatsApp API
Send message to WhatsApp user with its API
Mateo Peru 36.36% 15
2 Simple PHP Password Manager
Application to store and retrieve user password
milenmk Bulgaria 18.18% 14
3 PHP Data Mapper
Map array values with data mapper filters
Alex McArrow Russian Federation 9.09% 13
3 Melis Tool Creator
Module for the Melis CMS to create tools
Fabrice Fesch France 9.09% 13
3 Swoose
Manage sessions stored and retrieved using Swoole
Ahmad Mustapha Nigeria 9.09% 13
3 My WordPress Plugin List
WordPress plugins for several purposes
Hillary Kollan Ghana 9.09% 13
3 Laravel Brazilian CEPs
Search locations and zip codes in Brazil
Lucas Nepomuceno Brazil 9.09% 13
8 Scopr
Crawl and search Web site pages, images and news
Hillary Kollan Ghana <1.00% 8
8 Yii2 PHP Icon Picker
Widget to let users pick icons Bootstrap images
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 8
8 yii2-arsync
Add new behaviors to active record actions
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 8
8 ade-woocart
Manipulate a WooCommerce cart using WordPress API
Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria <1.00% 8
8 Yii2 Muffin Factory
Create objects with factories and fixtures
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 8
8 Melis Templating Plugin Creator
Create page template plugins for the Melis CMS
Fabrice Fesch France <1.00% 8
8 Rimau waf
Application to configure Web server module options
ask sa sa Morocco <1.00% 8
8 Options Resolver
Configure objects with option arrays
Boss Ibrahim Mussa Congo <1.00% 8

Winners of November of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Custom Error
Set and get custom application errors
Cedric Maenetja South Africa 42.86% 14
2 Date Validator
Validate strings with dates to match a format
Francisco Núñez Panama 14.29% 13
2 PHP URL Rewrite
Generate Apache configuration to rewrite URLs
Pierre-Henry Soria 14.29% 13
2 React Laravel Stripe MailJet Pizza Ordering
Web application to process orders of Pizza
Hillary Kollan Ghana 14.29% 13
2 Math Expression to HTML
Render mathematics expressions on an HTML page
Win Aung Cho Myanmar 14.29% 13
6 Ristretto PHP
Manipulate values in type safe way using classes
Scott Arciszewski United States <1.00% 9
6 PHP Instagram Feed Notification
Send Instagram posts by email
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan <1.00% 9
6 Services_JSON
Pure PHP implementation of JSON encode and decode
Jorge Castro Chile <1.00% 9
6 PlantUML client
Convert a UML diagram to an image using PlantUML
jawira Belgium <1.00% 9
6 Mezon Router Benchmark
Measure the performance of PHP framework routers
Alexey Dodonov Russian Federation <1.00% 9
Extend PASETO to wrap and serialize keys
Scott Arciszewski United States <1.00% 9
6 PHP Selenium Low Level Tools
Control a browser via Selenium WebDriver
Alexey Dodonov Russian Federation <1.00% 9
6 Melis CMS Prospects
Melis CMS module to track business prospects
Fabrice Fesch France <1.00% 9
6 WP Post
Classes to manipulate WordPress posts and images
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan <1.00% 9

Winners of October of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Social Network Sync
Synchronize post feeds between social networks
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan 25.00% 15
1 Github PHP Rating
Compute a score of your participation in GitHub
Pierre-Henry Soria 25.00% 15
3 Laravel Shopping Basket
Add a shopping basket to a Laravel application
Moamen Eltouny Egypt 12.50% 13
3 Kubernetes Resource generator
Generate a configuration for a Kubernetes resource
Angel Campos Spain 12.50% 13
3 WordPress Currency Plugin
Plugin to show the exchange rates from BCB
adriano123456 Brazil 12.50% 13
3 PHP Quill
Write data to a Chronicle server using encryption
Scott Arciszewski United States 12.50% 13
7 Event Story Manager Plugin
Manage and publish regional events in WordPress
Maniruzzaman Akash Bangladesh <1.00% 9
7 URL Tracker Class
Get the URL to where a short URL redirects
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan <1.00% 9
Plan a life change to a different country
Pierre-Henry Soria <1.00% 9
7 Yii2 Form PreFiller
Fill form inputs with the values entered by a user
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 9
7 WordPress Custom Post Type with Template
Build WordPress pages from template scripts
Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria <1.00% 9
7 GetMeALatte
Promote a product to be sold to a crowd
Pierre-Henry Soria <1.00% 9
7 ReconCat
Retrieve past versions pages from Web Archive
Dawood Ikhlaq Italy <1.00% 9
7 WP Vue Kit Plugin
Vue.js plugin to build WordPress user interfaces
Maniruzzaman Akash Bangladesh <1.00% 9
7 Yii2 Maintenance
Implement a PHP maintenance mode in a Web site
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 9

Winners of September of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Laravel Nova Quick View
Generate the output for Laravel Nova fields
Nyi Nyi Lwin Myanmar 16.67% 14
1 Laravel A1 PDF Sign
Sign PDF documents with a valid x509 certificate
Lucas Nepomuceno Brazil 16.67% 14
1 PHP Health Check
Calculate factors to check a person's health
Vinicius Marques de Souza Brazil 16.67% 14
1 PHP MySQL Draw
MySQL diagram generator PHP tool
jawira Belgium 16.67% 14
5 Potato Service
Framework that extracts route details from classes
Maicon gonçalez Brazil 8.33% 10
5 PHP User Guide
Display pages of a user guide using templates
Vinicius Marques de Souza Brazil 8.33% 10
5 Laravel Cookie 18
Ask the users to confirm they are adults
adam berger Poland 8.33% 10
5 Easy Merge2PDF
Merge PDF and Image files into a single PDF file
Roni Bangladesh 8.33% 10
9 Laravel Macro Example
Example of macro service to use in view templates
Nahidul Hasan Bangladesh <1.00% 6
9 PHP Products Recommendations
Get city weather and product recommendations
Edward Paul Nigeria <1.00% 6
9 YII2 Migrik
Create migration files for applications using YII2
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 6
9 PHP Instagram API Query
Get details about Instagram users from their pages
Ujah Chigozie peter Nigeria <1.00% 6
9 Minimalist PHP Sales Site
Implement a sales site from configuration files
Pierre-Henry Soria <1.00% 6
9 Yii2 CodeStat
Analyse and display statistics about PHP code
Insolita Russian Federation <1.00% 6

Winners of August of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Simple PHP Podcast Generator
Generate podcast RSS from audio and video files
Pierre-Henry Soria 23.08% 15
1 PHP GitHub Readme Generator
Generate Markdown files to describe projects
Pierre-Henry Soria 23.08% 15
3 Vegvisir Laravel Search Indexer
Adaptable search for model objects
Thiago Przyczynski Brazil 15.38% 13
4 WordPress Plugin Sentiment Analysis
Analyze author sentiments in WordPress posts
Zacchaeus Bolaji Nigeria 7.69% 12
4 PHP Function Arguments Detector
Detect complex functions with too many arguments
DeGraciaMathieu France 7.69% 12
4 PHP Web Monetization
Add a simple payment URL to monetize site pages
Chun-Sheng, Li Taiwan 7.69% 12
4 Laravel SAAS Boilerplate
Base application to develop software as a service
Nyi Nyi Lwin Myanmar 7.69% 12
4 Laravel Composer Update with Zero Downtime
Update composer packages while an application runs
Laurence Perales Peru 7.69% 12
9 PHP Live Chat Browser
Live chat with users of the same or another site
Free Ment Canada <1.00% 7
9 PHP Murmurhash
Generate hash values of a string using Murmurhash
Stefano Azzolini Italy <1.00% 7
9 Laravel Markdown Blog
Publish blog posts with content in Markdown format
Maniruzzaman Akash Bangladesh <1.00% 7
9 WordPress React Plugin Kit
Environment to develop new WordPress plugins
Maniruzzaman Akash Bangladesh <1.00% 7
9 PHP Type Class
Get the names of each basic PHP data type
Pierre-Henry Soria <1.00% 7
9 PHP Solid Principles Examples
Good and bad examples to show the SOLID principles
Nahidul Hasan Bangladesh <1.00% 7
9 SimpleX Noise Algorithm
Generate noise values using the SimpleX algorithm
Vitalij Mik Germany <1.00% 7

Winners of July of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Login System Manager
Manage user register and login in a single script
Nikos M. Greece 23.08% 15
1 PHP JPEG metadata
Read and write metadata stored in JPEG image files
Claude Diderich Switzerland 23.08% 15
3 Laravel Privacy User Cookie
Show message to ask user permission to use cookies
adam berger Poland 15.38% 13
3 Formal PHP Validation Library
Validate a set values with support to type casting
Nikos M. Greece 15.38% 13
5 Melis PHP CMS Analytics by Page
Melis CMS module to provide page access statistics
Fabrice Fesch France 7.69% 11
5 Laravel Debugbar Enable On Demand
Activate the Laravel DebugBar dynamically
Laurence Perales Peru 7.69% 11
5 PHP DB Connection PDO
Query SQL database with parameters from .env files
Mateo Peru 7.69% 11
8 PHP Google Search Dork Generator
Generate query strings to perform Google searches
0x1881 Turkey <1.00% 8
8 Joomla Template Creator
Create Joomla CMS template extensions
Max Stemplevski Belarus <1.00% 8
8 PHP Telegram Bot LoL Party
Send party invitations to other Telegram users
David Girón Spain <1.00% 8
8 PHP Telegram Bot API Package
Build a bot that can interact with Telegram users
Mateo Peru <1.00% 8
8 Laravel 9 CRUD Example
Example of CRUD application using Laravel 9
Ali YILMAZ Turkey <1.00% 8
8 Tor Geoip Tools
Generate IPTables rules to block the range of a IP
Luis Martinez Ulloa Peru <1.00% 8
8 PHP Utility Classes
Manipulate and validate values of several types
Mateo Peru <1.00% 8
8 PHP Environment Variables Detection
Detect the current PHP environment variables
Till Wehowski Germany <1.00% 8

Winners of June of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Executable Script Generator
Generate shell scripts that can execute PHP code
nvb Germany 25.00% 14
2 PHP JavaScript Loader
Load JavaScript libraries in the current Web page
Matous Nemec Czech Republic 12.50% 13
2 DBConnect PHP Database Query Builder
Execute database queries from configuration files
Sergey Kol'miller Russian Federation 12.50% 13
2 PHP Chess Game Bundle
Manage a chess game in a Symfony application
Massimiliano Arione Italy 12.50% 13
2 Laravel Service Provider Helper
Create a service and a command from a helper class
Hicri Turkey 12.50% 13
2 PHP Shop Simulator in the Console
Simulate shopping purchases in a console
adam berger Poland 12.50% 13
2 PHP Payment Management System
Web application to manage company payments
Boss Ibrahim Mussa United States 12.50% 13
8 PHP JWT Decode and Generate
Generate JWT tokens and decode token values
Boss Ibrahim Mussa United States <1.00% 7
8 PHP Version Check
Parse a string with a version number
Roni Bangladesh <1.00% 7
8 CodeIgniter Template Viewer Class
Render views using templates in a CodeIgniter App
harold rita Philippines <1.00% 7
8 PHP Web or Cli Detect
Detect if PHP is running from CLI or a Web server
Francisco Núñez Panama <1.00% 7
8 PHP Router Template
Process template PHP scripts and fix file paths
Ujah Chigozie peter Nigeria <1.00% 7
8 CodeIgniter Plugin for Z-Ray
Show CodeIgniter application information in Z-Ray
Simo Morocco <1.00% 7
8 PHP School Management System with Student Payroll
Manage payments from school students
Boss Ibrahim Mussa United States <1.00% 7

Winners of May of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Memes Generator
Generate meme images from other images
Martijn Waeyenbergh Belgium 30.00% 14 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP Template Engine Component
Process templates using template object results
nvb Germany 20.00% 13
2 iaso PHP JSON Parser Library
Parse JSON strings immune to hash-DoS attacks
Scott Arciszewski United States 20.00% 13
4 XR PHP Debugger Online
Debug PHP code using a Web interface
Rodolfo Berrios Arce Chile 10.00% 11
4 VM PHP Validator Package
Validate objects using rules defined in comments
Ivan Grigorov Bulgaria 10.00% 11
4 Laravel Passport Auth Proxy
Provide refresh token support to Laravel Passport
Ahmed Saad Egypt 10.00% 11
7 Laravel Livewire Select2 Alternative
Handle select inputs to use with Laravel Livewire
Moamen Eltouny Egypt <1.00% 8
7 Advanced PHP MySQL Search Controller
Compose SQL to perform MySQL database searches
Ujah Chigozie peter Nigeria <1.00% 8
7 Codeigniter Eloquent ORM
Store CodeIgniter model objects using Eloquent ORM
aidid alam Bangladesh <1.00% 8
7 PHP Student Sessions API
Calculate sessions for students to finish chapters
Ahmed Saad Egypt <1.00% 8
7 PHP HouseHold
Manage the stock of groceries in a house
Niko Finland <1.00% 8
7 Laravel Rackbeat Integration Dashboard
Show a dashboard with integrations with Rackbeat
Stefan Ninic Bosnia and Herzegovina <1.00% 8
7 Q PHP Storage Class
Store data objects using Swoole tables
walid laggoune Algeria <1.00% 8
7 PHP Seeder
Return a seed string from the user browser details
Sergey Kol'miller Russian Federation <1.00% 8

Winners of April of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Remote PHP Google Charts Graphics
Show graphics using data got from Web service
António Lira Fernandes Portugal 20.00% 15
1 Laravel OpenAPI API Application Bridge
Implement API using Laravel specified with OpenAPI
Virgilio lino Italy 20.00% 15 One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
1 PHP Job Board
Manage job postings via Web pages or an API
Edward Paul Nigeria 20.00% 15 1 year of Team Plan of Mailtrap
1 PHP Darts Counter Game
Manage darts games with multiple players
Alex McArrow Russian Federation 20.00% 15
1 PHP Database Web Service Layer
Execute queries prepared to use in Web services
António Lira Fernandes Portugal 20.00% 15
6 PHP CDN Upload Functions
Send and receive files to CDN servers using SFTP
Kushal Pogul India <1.00% 10
6 Joomla Summary Report
Joomla plugin to display Excel summary reports
Max Stemplevski Belarus <1.00% 10
6 Mezon PHP HTTP Request Values
Get HTTP request parameters by a specific order
Alexey Dodonov Russian Federation <1.00% 10
6 Decagon WordPress Custom Todo List Plugin
WordPress plugin to add to-do lists to site pages
Adeleye Ayodeji Nigeria <1.00% 10
6 ajalaBot PHP Facebook Messenger Bot
Help Facebook Messenger users to find tours
uche Nigeria <1.00% 10
6 Laravel Repository Package
Access repository objects that match the criteria
Ahmed Saad Egypt <1.00% 10
6 Laravel Command Palette
Display a palette of commands and route requests
Isa Eken Turkey <1.00% 10
6 Laravel ElasticSearch Application with Docker
Setup a Laravel ElasticSearch app using Docker
Nahidul Hasan Bangladesh <1.00% 10
6 PHP Commission Calculator
Calculate commissions on currency transactions
Niko Peikrishvili Georgia <1.00% 10
6 PHP Browser Reload
Control a Web browser from the command line
Engin Ypsilon Germany <1.00% 10

Winners of March of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 XOOPS PHP About Page
Show the about page in a site managed using XOOPS
Michael Beck United States 42.86% 14 One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
2 PHP Configurable Interface
Set and get configuration values from one object
Carlos Artur Curvelo da Matos Portugal 14.29% 13
2 PHP Access Windows Registry Access
Access and manipulate the Windows registry values
DigiLive The Netherlands 14.29% 13 SourceGuarding PHP encoder tool
4 Laravel Backup Manager
Backup Laravel applications to storage containers
Isa Eken Turkey 7.14% 11
4 PHP Telegram Bot Send Image or Random File
Telegram bot that responds by sending random files
Mateo Peru 7.14% 11
4 Auth One PHP Authentication Library
Authenticate users using different methods
Jorge Castro Chile 7.14% 11
4 Melis CMS Page JavaScript and CSS Editor
Add custom assets to a site using Melis CMS
Fabrice Fesch France 7.14% 11
8 PHP File Cache Library
Store in a cached data from by a callback function
Ujah Chigozie peter Malaysia <1.00% 7
8 PHP PDO DB Connection Controller
Connect to a database configured using a subclass
Ujah Chigozie peter Malaysia <1.00% 7
8 Laravel Package Development Skeleton
Create Laravel packages from a skeleton
Dipesh Sukhia <1.00% 7
8 Laravel Docker Kubernetes
Run a Laravel project using Docker and Kubernetes
Nahidul Hasan Bangladesh <1.00% 7
8 PHP Google Translate Text Form
Show form to translate text with Google Translate
Ujah Chigozie peter Malaysia <1.00% 7
8 PHP Job Portal Project API
API to post working jobs and let freelancers apply
uche Nigeria <1.00% 7
8 PHP Transposition Cipher
Encrypt a text shifting the position of characters
Gavin Gordon Markowski Canada <1.00% 7

Winners of February of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP AJAX Response Router
Handle HTTP AJAX requests using router classes
El Amrani Chakir Morocco 23.08% 13 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 Laravel GraphQL Server
API server to demonstrate GraphQL query language
TJ Webb Canada 15.38% 12 1 year of Team Plan of Mailtrap
2 Robots Class
Log accesses of robots to database, email or files
Pierre FAUQUE France 15.38% 12
4 Laravel REST API
Create an API using Laravel Eloquent models
Raskin Veniamin Russian Federation 7.69% 10
4 PHP Facebook Agent Helpers
Implements a chatbot using Facebook Messenger
Duong Huynh Nghia Viet Nam 7.69% 10
4 PHP Quiz Questions and Answers
Present quizzes using INI configuration files
Martijn Waeyenbergh Belgium 7.69% 10
4 PHP MySQL Hierarchical Tree
Retrieve and display hierarchy trees from MySQL
Ujah Chigozie peter Malaysia 7.69% 10
4 PHP Compress JSON, HTML and Text Output
Compress the output of the current HTTP response
Ujah Chigozie peter Malaysia 7.69% 10
4 Laravel Livewire CRUD
CRUD application implemented with Laravel Livewire
Busari Ridwan Nigeria 7.69% 10
10 Diadoc PHP Legal Services API
Access legal documents exchanged between companies
Alexey Starikov Russian Federation <1.00% 4
10 PHP Router Library JS
Get HTTP request route based on a hash parameter
Sergey Kol'miller Russian Federation <1.00% 4
10 PHP TDD Tutorial Bug Report Application
Bug report application to show the TDD approach
Ogbemudia Osayawe Germany <1.00% 4
10 Doctrine PHP ORM Example
Examples of storing objects using Doctrine
Vitalij Mik Germany <1.00% 4

Winners of January of 2022

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 CakePHP Pagination Helper Trait
Add pagination to listings generated by CakePHP
Roman Kozin Ukraine 33.33% 13 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
1 Learn New PHP 8 Features
Examples of how to use PHP 8 new features
Allan Kibet Kenya 33.33% 13
3 Mezon Variadic Model
Set model objects implemented with services
Alexey Dodonov Russian Federation 11.11% 11
3 PHP Web Server Configuration Policy Maker
Generate Web server configuration from a policy
Ali YILMAZ Turkey 11.11% 11
3 Palette PHP CMS System
Manage content site edited visually in the browser
Ganesh Kandu India 11.11% 11
6 Laravel Algorithm
Implements several algorithms as Laravel services
Busari Ridwan Nigeria <1.00% 8
6 PHP Article System API
Manage collections of articles using API requests
uche Nigeria <1.00% 8
6 Cute PHP Link Names
Convert URL to improve its readability level
Pierre-Henry Soria <1.00% 8
6 PHP Wallet API and Application
Application to manage a wallet by calling an API
mohammad anzawi Hong Kong <1.00% 8
6 Saad Laravel PHP Fractal Transformer
Transform data presented by Laravel applications
Ahmed Saad Egypt <1.00% 8
6 Add Layer Class
Add HTTP request handlers to run multiple actions
Ali YILMAZ Turkey <1.00% 8
6 Mezon Formal Grammar
Validate a string according to your grammar rules
Alexey Dodonov Russian Federation <1.00% 8
6 PHP Football Manager
Application to manage football championships
Edward Paul Nigeria <1.00% 8

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