Notable PHP package: PHP Array Functions

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PHP provides an extensive set of functions to manipulate arrays. However there are applications that need to implement additional functionality not available as a built-in function in PHP.

This package provides that kind of functionality to manipulate arrays like converting multi-dimensional arrays into associative arrays, changing the case of array keys, remove entries that have duplicated values, etc..

Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.

The package PHP Array Functions is one of the few PHP packages that was considered notable recently because it does something that is worth paying attention.

The basic purpose is: Determine the type and run other array operations

Here follows in more detail what it does:

This class determine the type and run other array operations.

It provides static functions that can determine if a value is really an array, it is an associative array, has multiple dimensions, has its values as a sequence of values that is sorted by those values. The class can also:

- Add new elements to the array
- Get the value of an array element
- Convert a multi-dimensional array into an associative array
- Get a list of unique values in the array
- Get a subset of the array elements
- Remove array elements with a given value
- Change the case of the array keys
- Remove entries that have duplicated values
- Get the values that appear more or less in the array
- Build a HTTP query string from the array entries
- Filter the array values using a callback function
- Shuffle the array to change the order of the elements
- Pick a random value from the array
- Get the values of a key of a multidimensional array

Notable PHP packages can be often considered innovative. If this package is also innovative, it can be nominated to the PHP Innovation Award and the author may win prizes and recognition for sharing innovative packages.

If you also developed your own notable or innovative packages consider sharing them, so you can also earn more visibility for your package.

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