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Implements crossover, mutation and inversion
This class implements crossover, mutation and inversion genetic algorithm methods.

It takes several parameters to configure values that define how the execution of the genetic algorithm methods are implemented to optimize the order of a set of entities known as population.

Each method uses several techniques in order to produce their offsprings. Theses techniques are:

1. Crossover

1.1 Single Point Crossover
1.2 Two Points Crossover
1.3 Uniform Crossover
1.4 Ring Crossover

2. Mutation

2.1 Bit Flip Mutation
2.2 Random Resetting
2.3 Swap Mutation
2.4 Scramble Mutation
2.5 Inversion Mutation
2.6 Insertion Mutation

3. Inversion

3.1 Inversion all chromosome

The class produces new population generations and returns the results as a binary encoded string.
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